Who We Are

Yesterday's Tech is a retro-gaming duo who want to bring
the nostalgia of the gaming past into the creative future of today... and also we just like Gameboys..

Yesterday's Tech started one day when Sam came across a broken DMG Gameboy and couldn't help but open it up to take a peek at what was inside. What happened next got the ball rolling for what would eventually lead to a full-blown obsession. After restoring the DMG Gameboy and posting a few victory posts on Instagram, we discovered a whole new world of retro-gaming we never knew existed, and we were officially hooked.

Yesterday's Tech started with a couple people who love old gaming technology and creating news ways to have fun and enjoy it. Now, we're running full-speed into exciting new directions, casting our own retro creations and creating custom art pieces on our shells and customs. The support and friends we've made in the retro-gaming community have been overwhelming, and we are so thankful to have the opportunity to start our little business and bring more fun to the gaming scene.

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